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SCRAM Device

SCRAM ankle alcohol monitor bracelet on ankle

A SCRAM Device is an alcohol monitoring bracelet.  SCRAM stands for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring.  In this article we will take a look at what a SCRAM Device does and who may be issued one.

What is a SCRAM Device?

A SCRAM Device is an alcohol monitoring bracelet that is often used to monitor repeat DUI offenders and who have been ordered by a court to avoid alcohol.

How Does SCRAM Work?

A SCRAM Device work by monitoring the wearer’s perspiration every 30 minutes.  The device monitors as the body works to eliminate alcohol from the blood stream. One of these ways includes small amounts being eliminated in sweat and saliva.  As a very small amount escapes through the skin as perspiration, the SCRAM Device detects the trace amounts and records them.  The SCRAM Device then later uploads the information to a database that is monitored.  If alcohol is detected, then the company that issues the SCRAM will notify the appropriate authorities, typically the probation department, that the SCRAM Device has detected alcohol.

Who is Required to Wear a SCRAM Device?

A defendant may be required to wear a SCRAM Device when the court has determined that the defendant should not consume alcohol.  Although this is typically in the terms of a repeat DUI offender, the courts have imposed SCRAM devices to monitor defendants who have multiple convictions for drunk in public.

Even in the context of a repeat DUI offender, the courts rarely order the wearing of a SCRAM Device. However, if you are a repeat offender and your second or third DUI is accompanied by a high BAC, such as .20 or higher, you can expect the court to impose some type of alcohol term to remain out of custody or while on probation.

How Much Does a SCRAM Device Cost?

Scram Devices are not cheap.  Typically, you will be charged a one time installation fee between $50 to $100 and then a daily monitoring fee of approximately $15.  While the SCRAM Device is tamper proof, if you should damage the device, you can expect to answer to the court as well as having to pay for the cost of a new device which can be expensive.

How Long Do I Have to Wear a SCRAM Device?

The time you have to wear a SCRAM Device is set by the court but will typically be for a minimum of one month and can last through your entire probation.  The time set will be based upon the nature of the charges and the seriousness of the alcohol problem in the court’s eyes.

Can I remove the SCRAM Device?

If you remove the SCRAM Device, an immediate alert will be sent to the regional monitoring center for the company.  They will then alert the appropriate authorities, most likely your probation officer, to follow up on the matter.  You may also have to pay for the device if you’ve damaged it in the process.

What is SCRAMx?

SCRAMx is a type of SCRAM Device that also allows for house arrest through GPS monitoring.  So if you’ve been ordered to house arrest and alcohol monitoring, SCRAMx will be the most beneficial to you.  If you have been ordered to wear a SCRAM Device, you do not receive custody time credit for it however, if you have been ordered to wear a SCRAMx you will receive custody time credits.

Where Can I Find a SCRAM Device?

If you’ve been ordered to use a SCRAM Device, then you can find the local SCRAM provider from SCRAM Systems website located here:

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