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Should you hire a former prosecutor?

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

Choosing a criminal defense attorney is a hard decision. You need someone you trust and feel comfortable with, as well as someone who has the experience. You need someone who knows the justice system, has conducted trials, and is respected among their colleagues.

Former Prosecutors Make Great Defense Attorneys

Having a former prosecutor on your team has been described as having the opposing team's former quarterback calling the plays. Think about it? How can you know what the other side is going to do if you've never experienced or been in that position. There are many benefits to having a former prosecutor including:

  • Former Prosecutors Live In The Courtroom: One of the biggest advantages of having a former prosecutor by your side is that they know their way around a court room. Prosecutor's spend every single day of their career in the court room. This means they spend every day working with court staff, arguing before various judges, and building the respect of their peers.

  • Former Prosecutors Have Trial Experience: There is a term for a prosecutor who doesn't conduct trials. These are known as "trial dodgers" and they don't last long in an office. It is not uncommon for a prosecutor to conduct ten or more trials in a single year, while many defense attorneys rarely go to trial. There are many defense attorneys who have never conducted a single jury trial, or may conduct a single trial in a year. A prosecutor on the other hand is in trial constantly. They know what it takes to convince a jury to find a person guilty. They know how to conduct a trial from start to finish.

  • Former Prosecutors Know How To Build A Case: Defense work is often reactionary. Meaning, defense attorneys often react to the moves of the prosecutor on a case. Prosecutors must build a case and prepare it for trial. This includes coordinating with law enforcement on follow-up investigations, witness preparation, and trial strategy. A former prosecutor knows how to do all of these and can foresee the prosecution's strategy. If you know the other team's strategy, you can find the holes and defeat it.

If you're facing a criminal charge, then contact the Law Office of Kevin L. Ballard today. Kevin will evaluate your case, tell you how the prosecution is going to prove each element, and how the case may be attacked. Together, Kevin will reveal the playbook for the other side and begin to build a winning strategy.

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