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DUI Insurance

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If you are convicted of a DUI in California you will have to deal with the issue of insurance.  In order to get your driving privileges back you will have to obtain DUI insurance coverage form, known as SR-22.  SR-22 is the form that is submitted to the DMV by your insurance company that confirms your auto policy meets California liability requirements. 

Will my current policy be cancelled?

An insurance company cannot cancel an auto policy midterm except for very limited circumstances.  However, once the policy comes up for renewal, the insurance company will likely cancel coverage or drastically increase the rates.

Do I have to report a DUI to my insurance company?

You are not required to notify your insurance carrier about a DUI. The responsibility is on the insurance company to conduct proper vetting and driver history checks.  However, the insurance company will likely find out easily when you are required to request a copy of an SR-22 from them in order for your license to be reinstated.  Once you contact the insurance company and request the SR-22, this will tell the insurance company, either directly from your or indirectly through a records check, that you have been convicted of a DUI.

Obtaining Insurance after a DUI

If you are convicted of a DUI, or face a DMV suspension for a DUI, you will be required to show proof that you have insurance.  Many companies, however, refuse to insure those who have been convicted of DUIs, or the rates quoted will be astronomical and unaffordable for many individuals.  The best option is to shop around.  There are some insurance companies that are dedicated specifically for DUI related convictions.  However, as with any specialization, you need to expect that you will pay drastically more for insurance.


Once you obtain insurance, you will be required to keep the insurance for three years following suspension. 

Dedicated DUI Attorney

Kevin Ballard is a dedicated DUI attorney based in Fairfield who understands how to effectively defend those charged with DUIs. Kevin is one of the few attorneys who is both a former prosecutor and trained as a police officer. As such, Kevin knows first hand how DUIs are handled from the initial traffic stop through prosecution and appeal. Let the Law Office of Kevin L. Ballard help you today defend your rights and protect your liberty.

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